“No matter your situation or aspirations, you will find solutions to all of your wealth questions in this jewel of a book. In a self-assured voice, Cheryl D. Creuzot walks the walk and guides a wide range of people on the path to security. Unlike any wealth management title I’ve read in ages, REAL LIVES. REAL MONEY provides a blueprint for personal wellness and financial wholeness.”

- Patrik Henry Bass, ESSENCE Books Editor

“This is not just a money book. Cheryl Creuzot gives us a look at real people on a journey to financial freedom. It’s not always pretty or easy, but she shows us that we can do it. That is so empowering.”


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Real Lives. Real Money.

The road to wealth unfortunately is never a straight path. Life presents many roadblocks such as procrastination, fear, divorce, illness, disability, death, business failures, layoffs, and sometimes just lack of knowledge. Cheryl Creuzot, an attorney and certified financial planner, has worked with clients as they navigate this path for more than 30 years.

Cheryl advises creating and sticking to financial strategies that move them from financial devastation to prosperity, from middle-class comfort to mega wealth, from one-time windfalls to sustainable financial success.

Professionals, business owners, athletes, entertainers, and everyday people determined to use money wisely and live their best lives have sought out Cheryl’s expertise.

In this collection of illustrative stories, Cheryl outlines financial concepts she believes are sound guidelines for people going through similar experiences. Written in plain and clear language that’s easy to understand and implement in your own life, Cheryl teaches readers in Real Lives Real Money how to:

  • Create a solid financial foundation that when completed nothing can financially throw you off course.
  • Map out investing strategies to reach your wealth accumulation goals.
  • How to preserve and protect your money once you have reached your accumulation goals.

Cheryl D. Creuzot is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Wealth Development Strategies, LLC, a comprehensive financial planning firm. She is a designated Certified Financial Planner (CFP)® and has earned a J.D., LL.M., and MBA.